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Updated 30-Mar-2022

The purpose of our Facebook page is to foster the sharing of knowledge relating to H.M.S. Hood, her crew as well as personalities, events and other ships of her era. It also serves as a guestbook - essentially a place where people can leave Hood-related messages for our Association or one another. It's also a place where people can go to learn about upcoming or recent Hood-related events. The following rules and suggestions are based on common-sense and if adhered to, should keep things civil yet productive and ensure a better experience for all.

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Battle Cruiser Hood Forum
H.M.S. Hood Association Facebook Group Page

A meeting place for Association members and Hood enthusiasts.
An excellent place to post guestbook greetings & share photos/information.
The rules for our group page are listed below. Please review them before posting therein.
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Facebook Group Rules & Suggestions

I. Basic Rules
By posting on our Facebook group page, users must agree to the following common sense rules:

II. Reporting Offenses and Accessing Penalties
Although we monitor our Facebook page closely, it’s still possible that members may notice a problem before we do.  If so, they are welcome to notify our staff via e-mail.  We will review the situation and if we find that an offense did take place, we will take appropriate action. 

III. Assessing Penalties (Rules Enforcement)
We generally use a warning system of the “three strikes and you’re out” variety. From there, the course of action can range from a warning to total blocking from the group.  Naturally, we will attempt to work with the accused offender privately before taking any such action.  We will use the following means/methods to maintain order:

IV. Helpful Suggestions
The following, while not strict rules and certainly things that are open to interpretation, are suggested “best practices” for posting.  Following these recommendations should make your Facebook experience more beneficial:

As you can see, the above rules and suggestions are based on good old fashioned common sense.  If something is wrong, don’t do it.  Just remember to adhere to the old adage ““Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.