How to Join/Renew Membership in the H.M.S. Hood Association
Updated 01-Jan-2020

Anyone interested in keeping the memory of H.M.S. Hood and her men alive is welcome to join our Association. Here you will find out how you can join us in remembering the Mighty Hood and crew.

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Can I join the H.M.S. Hood Assocation?

The short answer is "yes!" Anyone is welcome to join the Association. Although when the Association was formed in 1975 most members were veterans, even from the beginning others who shared their interest in the ship and ensuring that the crew were not forgotten were welcome to join. The creation of this web site in the late 1990s, exposed the depth and range of interests that the ship and crew still inspire and the membership base of the Association broadened considerably. So, not matter whether you have a relative who served in the ship or not, whether your interest is in researching the crew or ship or perhaps you are a passionate scale modeller... In fact whatever your interest in "Hood," you will be welcome in the Association.

N.B. Although most of our members are U.K. based, we have a membership spread across the entire world including many members in the United States as well as locations as far apart as Australia, Asia and South America. Wherever you live, you are welcome to join us!

Why Should You Join?

Membership benefits include:

- as part of the official organisation, established by veterans who served in the ship, you will join a community dedicated to ensuring that Hood and her crew will never be forgotten;
- you will receive three copies each year of the Association newsletter "The Chough" which will include articles about the ship, the crew, member profiles and stories and reports from events detailling how Hood is remembered across the U.K. and wider world;
- you will you are help the Assocaition to 'pass on the torch' through its work with youth organisations such as TS Hood and TS Tenacity;
- you will receive a 10% discount on accommodate at theRoyal Maritime Hotel & Club - the Associations' "spiritual home" located a short walk from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Gunwharf Quays shopping and leisure complex;
- you will receive a discount to tickets to our Annual Dinner at the Royal Maritime Hotel & Club;
- you will be entitled to contribute to the future direction of the Association through voting at the AGM.

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs a flat rate of just 12.00 per year - whether you live in the U.K or overseas. Given the benefits outlined above, we think this represents excellent value.

How to join

The Association offers a range of ways to join:


Paypal is a convenient way not only to join the Association but to set up an automatically recurring annual payment for your membership - doing so not only ensures that you you don't forget to renew but reduces amdin for us. PayPal is also great if you cannot pay in Pounds Sterling - PayPal will automatically convert your membership fee of 12.00 into your local currency.

To join on a recurring membership using PayPal, please click on the "Subscribe" button below. (You will be prompted to log in to your PayPal account.) Once you have completed the process, you will receive two e-mails - one to confirm your initial membership payment and a second with details of the recurring payment.

Message to Membership Sec

N.B. Should you wish to cancel the recurring payment, either on leaving the Association or reverting to a 'pay as you go' annual membership payment, simply use the "unsubscribe" button here.

If you wish to join the Association but do not wish to set up a recurring annual payment, please use the "Pay Now" button below. In this case you will need to make further payments manually on the anniversary of your membership. This date can be found on your membership card which will be issued to you after you join. Such payments can be made by using the button below or through your PayPal account.

Message to Membership Sec

If you join through PayPal, we will be given details of your payment and the email address used in your PayPal transaction. Our Membership Secretary, Mike Ware, will contact you to welcome you and with details of how you will receive your membership card and welcome pack.

All PayPal payments to the Association are made to the following address: [email protected]

If you wish to add a donation of any amount to your membership fee that would be most welcome - simply type in whatever amount you want to give during the payment process to include membership fee and dontaion. Any amount over 12.00 is considered to be a donation.

Bank transfer

If you don't have a PayPal account, then a BACS Bank Transfer is another easy way of joining the Association. All U.K. Banks offer this through their online banking services on PC or mobile Banking Apps. To make a payment you will need details of the Association's account which are as follows:

Name: HMS Hood Association Treasurer's Account
Account number: 02788696
Sort code: 30-99-71

If you join using a Bank Transfer we would still encourage you to establish a recurring annual payment. To do so you will need to set up a standing order. Again, this can usually be done through online banking or your bank's mobile App. N.B. The Association's status as a volunatary organisation means that we are unable to accept payment via Direct Debit so recurring payments must be set up as Standing Orders.

If you do not set up a Standing Order you will need to manually initiate renewal payments on your membership anniversary date which you will find on your membership card.

As with PayPal, if you wish to add a donation of any amount to your membership fee that would be most welcome - simply type in whatever amount your want to give to include membership and dontaion. Any amount over 12.00 is considered to be a donation.

Payment direct to our Membership Secretary

If you are unable to pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer you can join by writing direct to Mike Ware, our Membership Secretary as follows:

Please print and fill-out our membership application form and post it, along with your payment (see below) to our Membership Secretary at the following address:

Mike Ware
New York Lane
LS19 6JQ
United Kingdom

(if you do not have a printer, please enclose a letter which covers all aspects of the form.)

We can accept the following forms of payment:

- Personal cheque drawn on a UK bank
- Banker's draft drawn on a UK Bank or using a UK bank as an agent
- Cash (sent at your own risk)

Please note that all cheques must be made out to "H.M.S. Hood Association" and must be in British Pounds Sterling. We cannot accept foreign currencies. If this is an issue, please consider paying via PayPal.

Membership questions and enquiries

If you have any questions about Association membership which have not been covered on this page, please feel free to e-mail Mike Ware, our Membership Secretary.


If you feel that you don’t want to join the Association but still want to support us, we would be welcome your donation. You can donate using the PayPal button below. You can be sure that we will use your donation to forward our aim of keeping Hood and the men who served in her in the public eye.