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Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Hood casualties who also served in H.M.S. Fisgard

Name (click link to visit individual page)Date joined or re-ratedRank / rate
Lloyd, Philip14th September 1913Stoker 1st Class
Savage, Edwin James2nd January 1914Boy Artificer
West, Robert William28th July 1917Boy Artificer
Edmiston, Reginald Frank31st July 1918Boy Artificer
Maitland, John William17th February 1919Shipwright 5th Class
Price, William Albert17th February 1919Shipwright 5th Class
Price, William Albert3rd June 1919Acting Shipwright 4th Class
Maitland, John William12th May 1920Acting Shipwright 4th Class
Edmiston, Reginald Frank5th August 1920Engine Room Artificer Apprentice
West, Robert William5th August 1920Engine Room Artificer Apprentice
Shepherd, George Victor14th August 1920Engine Room Artificer apprentice
Plumley, Reginald Augustus Harry28th January 1921Engine Room Artificer Apprentice
Biggenden, Walden John7th August 1921Leading Stoker
Homer, Harold7th November 1921Leading Stoker
West, Robert William1st January 1922Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
Powley, Herbert William18th January 1922Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Homer, Harold17th February 1922Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Anderson, John17th May 1922Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Powley, Herbert William17th May 1922Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Price, William Albert5th July 1922Shipwright 3rd Class
Price, William Albert3rd November 1922Shipwright 3rd Class
Savage, Edwin James15th November 1922Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Snell, John28th January 1923Engine Room Artificer Apprentice
West, Robert William28th February 1923Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Sidley, Robert Baden Powell14th June 1923Stoker 1st Class
Edmiston, Reginald Frank1st July 1923Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
West, Robert William18th September 1923Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Foley, Rodney Alfred1st October 1923Acting Leading Stoker
Maitland, John William26th October 1923Shipwright 3rd Class
Stoyles, Sydney Standerton3rd November 1923Acting Leading Stoker
Hope, Ernest John2nd February 1924Acting Leading Stoker
Dixon, Albert4th February 1924Acting Leading Stoker
Hope, Ernest John16th May 1924Leading Stoker
Phelps, Henry Frederick25th July 1924Acting Blacksmith 4th Class
Jesse, Harold5th August 1924Electrical Artificer Apprentice
Harris, Charles Arthur3rd September 1924Acting Leading Stoker
Powley, Herbert William3rd September 1924Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Edmiston, Reginald Frank10th September 1924Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Cantrill, Joshua23rd September 1924Acting Leading Stoker
Bostock, Charles Wauchope2nd November 1924Leading Stoker
Harris, Charles Arthur5th December 1924Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Shepherd, George Victor1st January 1925Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
Anderson, John14th January 1925Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Hemmings, Bertie14th January 1925Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Leishman, William1st February 1925Acting Leading Stoker
Anderson, John10th February 1925Engine Room Artificer 1st Class
Bostock, Charles Wauchope13th February 1925Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Leishman, William21st May 1925Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Plumley, Reginald Augustus Harry1st July 1925Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
Snell, John1st July 1925Engine Room Artificer 5th Class
Bishop, Charles John5th August 1925Acting Leading Stoker
Honeybun, Richard John3rd October 1925Acting Leading Stoker
Price, William Albert27th November 1925Shipwright 3rd Class
Hanwell, Tom5th December 1925Stoker 1st Class
Nally, Joseph31st January 1926Stoker 1st Class
Lloyd, Philip6th February 1926Stoker 1st Class
Hanwell, Tom4th March 1926Acting Leading Stoker
Hanwell, Tom5th March 1926Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Pulling, Edward21st April 1926Stoker 1st Class
Price, William Albert3rd June 1926Shipwright 2nd Class
Nally, Joseph4th June 1926Acting Leading Stoker
West, Robert William8th September 1926Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Pulling, Edward24th September 1926Acting Leading Stoker
Huntley, Henry Frederick1st October 1926Acting Plumber 4th Class
Phelps, Henry Frederick14th October 1926Blacksmith 4th Class
Edmiston, Reginald Frank16th October 1926Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Hawkins, Ernest Harold2nd November 1926Shipwright 5th Class
Hemmings, Bertie6th January 1927Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Passells, Keith Charles19th January 1927Leading Supply Assistant
Lloyd, Philip10th February 1927Acting Leading Stoker
Holdaway, Frank5th April 1927Acting Joiner 4th Class
Phelps, Henry Frederick14th April 1927Blacksmith 3rd Class
Watson, B.E.M., Harry4th May 1927Acting Leading Stoker
Stringer, Cecil Augustus Bentley6th July 1927Able Seaman
Laws, Albert Edward4th October 1927Acting Leading Stoker
Sprakes, John3rd December 1927Stoker 1st Class
Laws, Albert Edward22nd December 1927Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Haughton, Cyril2nd January 1928Engine Room Artificer Apprentice
Huntley, Henry Frederick3rd January 1928Plumber 4th Class
Wingfield, Charles Harcourt21st January 1928Cook
Sprakes, John15th March 1928Acting Leading Stoker
Dade, William Francis Lawrence22nd March 1928Officer's Steward 4th Class
Shepherd, George Victor18th April 1928Engine Rom Artificer 4th Class
Hawkins, Ernest Harold30th May 1928Acting Shipwright 4th Class
Dade, William Francis Lawrence21st July 1928Officer's Steward 3rd Class
Bishop, Charles John30th October 1928Acting Stoker Petty Officer
Sherval, William Robert3rd November 1928Acting Leading Stoker
Jones, David John13th December 1928Stoker 1st Class
Jesse, Harold1st January 1929Electrical Artificer 5th Class
Wannerton, Henry James6th January 1929Acting Leading Stoker
Scott, James4th February 1929Acting Leading Stoker
Sherval, William Robert14th February 1929Leading Stoker
Fletcher, Peter2nd March 1929Acting Leading Stoker
Smith, Frederick Harry Stanley2nd March 1929Acting Leading Stoker
Snell, John14th May 1929Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Scott, James16th May 1929Leading Stoker
Price, William Albert13th July 1929Shipwright 2nd Class
Price, William Albert7th September 1929Shipwright 2nd Class
Walton, Josiah Tarn2nd November 1929Acting Leading Stoker
Powley, Herbert William11th January 1930Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Maitland, John William21st January 1930Shipwright 2nd Class
Prescott, Marcus Richard8th February 1930Stoker 1st Class
Walton, Josiah Tarn13th February 1930Leading Stoker
Skipper, John Frederick William28th February 1930Able Seaman
Perry, William Henry26th March 1930Officers' Cook 2nd Class
Holdaway, Frank16th August 1930Joiner 3rd Class
Brown, Henry James5th January 1931Able Seaman
West, Robert William28th January 1931Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Richer, Harold Edward25th April 1931Able Seaman
Phelps, Henry Frederick26th April 1931Blacksmith 2nd Class
Shepherd, George Victor3rd June 1931Engijne Room Artificer 3rd Class
Bostock, Charles Wauchope21st August 1931Mechanician
Maitland, John William9th September 1931Shipwright 1st Class
Kendall, Albert James29th September 1931Able Seaman
Leach, Harold George6th November 1931Stoker 1st Class
Savage, Edwin James24th November 1931Engine Room Artificer 1st Class