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H.M.S. Hood Crew List
Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

132 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Chief Stoker

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
Thomas WilliamChief StokerK5746431st August 193317th April 1941
Harold VineChief StokerK171426th May 19334th May 1934
JamesChief StokerK2196310th March 19315th May 1933
Philip HenryChief StokerK858816th March 19319th May 1932
T.J.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
WalterChief Stoker30707715th August 19252nd May 1926
Leonard JacobChief StokerK5929523rd November 19376th January 1940
Reginald JohnChief StokerK413396th May 19337th September 1939
Sidney GeorgeChief StokerK23421. 15th May 1923
2. 8th December 1928
1. 4th November 1925
2. 30th April 1929
HarryChief Stoker3101486th January 192613th May 1928
Walden JohnChief StokerP/KX 88862Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Charles JohnChief StokerP/R 491027th May 193824th May 1941 (loss of ship)
WilliamChief StokerK1744th December 192514th January 1927
David Middleton BruceChief Stoker3031871. 4th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 31st August 1921
William GeorgeChief StokerK231421st April 192816th May 1929
ArthurChief StokerK5981319351936
ArthurChief StokerK598136th May 193320th February 1936
FrederickChief StokerK1114621st April 192816th May 1929
JohnChief Stoker3068521st September 192131st August 1923
WilliamChief Stoker30759815th August 192525th August 1926
William HenryChief Stoker30507530th October 192310th November 1924
William BlackChief StokerK576368th September 193628th April 1939
WilliamChief Stoker3057796th May 19254th November 1925
Benjamin LewisChief StokerK619615th March 193528th August 1936
William ThomasChief Stoker3082781st May 192617th November 1926
James EnochChief StokerP/K 2000713th February 194124th May 1941 (loss of ship)
LeonardChief Stoker31251923rd April 192716th May 1929
John StanleyChief StokerK594036th May 19337th September 1936
George ArthurChief StokerK171215th January 193230th August 1933
James HenryChief Stoker31185028th August 192816th May 1929
A.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
George Robert CouncilChief Stoker3101681st January 192516th August 1925
John HenryChief Stoker30967415th August 192528th August 1927
J.F.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
James TyansChief Stoker30486930th October 192313th December 1924
JohnChief Stoker2324337th January 192629th April 1927
AlbertChief StokerK1046316th March 193126th August 1932
Francis JohnChief Stoker2372067th January 192629th April 1927
Thomas EdwardChief Stoker3100242nd November 19262nd January 1928
DavidChief StokerK188215th August 19276th January 1929
Ernest WilliamChief StokerK561175th May 19347th September 1936
Rodney AlfredChief StokerP/K 578388th September 193624th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Percival Chief Stoker30369230th October 192313th January 1925
John WilliamChief Stoker30370915th May 192313th January 1925
Albert JohnChief Stoker31200114th November 19245th May 1925
Edward WilliamChief StokerK436419th March 193130th August 1933
J.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Randolphin ErnestChief StokerK28957th September 192730th April 1929
Francis CharlesChief Stoker3106081. 1st November 1924
2. 15th August 1925
1. 30th April 1925
2. 2nd January 1928
JohnChief StokerK254020th April 192916th May 1929
William JohnChief Stoker30920912th October 19272nd January 1929
ThomasChief StokerK27335th January 19274th May 1928
Alfred PercivalChief StokerDevonport M614726th November 19232nd May 1926
George SydneyChief Stoker31000917th August 192112th August 1922
Thomas WilliamChief StokerK5178931st August 193320th March 1935
JohnChief Stoker3035701st November 192413th January 1925
TomChief StokerSS122379, P/K 642758th September 193624th May 1941 (loss of ship)
J.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
J.W.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
GeorgeChief StokerUnknownabout 1929about 1929
SamuelChief StokerK18134th December 192528th August 1927
AlbertChief StokerK558298th September 19367th February 1938
Cecil Ivor VictorChief StokerK574681st July 193230th August 1933
SydneyChief Stoker3066701st April 192015th June 1920 (died)
Frederick JamesChief StokerP/K 233611. 29th August 1935
2. 15th April 1941
1. 31st October 1935
2. 24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Richard JohnChief StokerP/K 516112nd June 193924th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Samuel ErnestChief Stoker3075381. 1st September 1921
2. 6th January 1926
1. 14th May 1923
2. 2nd September 1926
ErnestChief StokerK668431. 1928
2. 1940
1. 1929
2. 1941 (Left before ship lost)
Sydney JamesChief Stoker3106301st November 192430th August 1925
William JamesChief StokerK194712th October 192716th May 1929
William ThomasChief StokerK1535716th March 19315th May 1933
ReubenChief Stoker3117084th April 192527th August 1928
Harry CharlesChief StokerK441316th March 19312nd September 1931
Samuel JohnChief Stoker3106252nd November 192613th May 1928
PercyChief Stoker3611971st May 192617th November 1926
Charles HenryChief StokerK1197221st April 192829th April 1929
John ThomasChief StokerK608631. 31st August 1933
2. 8th September 1936
1. 11th January 1934
2. 28th July 1939
Albert EdwardChief StokerP/K 6372823rd February 194024th May 1941 (loss of ship)
WilliamChief StokerK794016th March 19314th January 1932
WilliamChief StokerP/K 4659425th May 193724th May 1941 (loss of ship)
William George SneddonChief StokerK208345th January 193222nd April 1932
Robert GeorgeChief StokerK23453rd December 19257th October 1926
Sidney FrederickChief StokerK5658631st August 193328th August 1936
JamesChief StokerK524021st April 192816th May 1929
RichardChief Stoker30504330th October 192310th September 1925
James AlexanderChief StokerK1722121st April 192829th April 1929
StanleyChief StokerK573278th September 193623rd November 1937
GeorgeChief Stoker3059411. 4th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
3. 5th December 1922
1. 31st March 1920
2. 13th August 1922
3. 4th May 1923
George FrederickChief Stoker31219121st July 192628th April 1929
Albert EdwardChief Stoker30938715th April 192528th August 1927
William JamesChief StokerK190936th May 193311th January 1935
Frederick Edwin BryantChief StokerK602736th May 193310th August 1936
William John AubreyChief StokerK597008th September 193624th May 1937
RichardChief StokerK186191. 15th May 1923
2. 24th April 1929
1. 4th November 1925
2. 16th May 1929
Thomas HerbertChief StokerK3631531st August 193323rd October 1935
John HaroldChief StokerK425831st December 192716th May 1929
Bertram FrancisChief Stoker30149815th May 192329th October 1923
T.J.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Harry NoelChief StokerK658788th September 19365th September 1940
Charles VictorChief StokerK5024530th August 193528th August 1936
W.H.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
William EdwardChief Stoker36437913th August 19262nd January 1928
William ThomasChief StokerK1866031st August 193311th January 1935
William RobertChief StokerP/K 6463410th May 193824th May 1941 (loss of ship)
JamesChief Stoker30617014th January 192529th December 1925
WilliamChief StokerK22561. 1st September 1921
2. 24th April 1929
1. 14th May 1923
2. 16th May 1929
HenryChief Stoker3048841st November 192421st June 1925
JohnChief StokerP/K 5525629th July 193924th May 1941 (loss of ship)
J.Chief StokerUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
FrankChief Stoker31045413th August 192630th April 1928
CharlesChief Stoker30583525th April 19254th November 1925
Arthur HenryChief StokerK1913831st August 193311th January 1935
Sydney StandertonChief StokerP/K 553848th September 193624th May 1941 (loss of ship)
JosephChief StokerK1570510th March 19314th May 1934
Ernest StanleyChief StokerK184341st July 193131st December 1931
FredChief StokerK965516th March 193111th May 1932
George AlbertChief StokerK1523816th March 19312nd May 1933
Albert EdwardChief Stoker346-98612th September 192014th May 1923
Frederick James Chief StokerK2859631st August 193328th August 1936
GeorgeChief StokerK1623427th August 19324th September 1934
Josiah TarnChief StokerP/K 6098030th August 193524th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Charles JohnChief StokerK1711. 6th April 1927
2. 31st December 1927
1. 5th September 1927
2. 31st December 1928
HarryChief StokerJ103868 then P/K 6105531st August 193324th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Harold HenryChief StokerK52515th January 192916th May 1929
F.Chief StokerUnknown19231924
Joseph EdwardsChief StokerK1036516th March 193126th August 1932
A.E.Chief StokerUnknown19231924
Alfred ErnestChief Stoker30430515th May 19237th May 1925
DavonportChief Stoker3039721st January 19251st May 1925
George WilliamChief StokerK1525323rd April 193230th August 1933
George CharlesChief StokerK5736316th March 193122nd April 1932
Peter Taylor ClaytonChief Stoker3012337th January 192214th May 1923