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Updated 07-Mar-2010

This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

53 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Leading Signalman

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
ThomasLeading SignalmanJ861515th May 19236th January 1926
RichardLeading SignalmanP/JX 131360Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Charles JamesLeading SignalmanJ2047315th May 19236th January 1926
Harry WilfredLeading SignalmanJ7915912th May 193428th August 1936
Vaughan NicholasLeading Signalman20271307th January 192614th August 1928
Frederick Evelyn ArthurLeading SignalmanJ9018031st August 193311th January 1935
George ArthurLeading SignalmanJ2922110th June 192214th May 1923
Lemuel CharlesLeading SignalmanJ419341. 10th March 1931
2. 11th July 1931
1. 21st April 1931
2. 30th August 1933
Edgar ErnestLeading SignalmanJ396056th May 193330th August 1933
Charles Thomas RichardLeading SignalmanJ1375015th April 19261st March 1929
Thomas HenryLeading SignalmanJ2958412th January 193520th January 1937
Charles AlfredLeading SignalmanJ611387th January 192614th August 1928
William GeorgeLeading SignalmanJ3008111th March 193130th August 1933
William CharlesLeading Signalman22612415th May 19236th January 1926
Allan frederickLeading SignalmanJ6448231st August 19334th May 1934
Martin RobertLeading SignalmanJ6405430th August 19382nd September 1938
Reuben Leading SignalmanJ1900729th May 19236th January 1926
William HenryLeading SignalmanJ90781st January 19259th November 1925
Charles Walter EricLeading SignalmanP/JX 147543Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
JackLeading SignalmanJ4607622nd August 192527th August 1928
Ernest WalterLeading SignalmanJ4660012th May 19315th May 1932
Edward Albert Leading SignalmanJ87191st April 19202nd January 1921
E.Leading SignalmanUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
William RobertLeading SignalmanJ7030515th May 19236th January 1926
Frederick LeopoldLeading SignalmanJ3118512th January 193510th August 1936
Joseph WilliamLeading SignalmanJ592228th August 192816th May 1929
Herbert GeorgeLeading SignalmanJ1181528th August 192816th May 1929
Alfred EdmundLeading SignalmanJ4894016th March 193125th April 1932
Reginald Vernon Ronald JebaultLeading SignalmanJ861626th November 192114th May 1923
AlfredLeading Signalman2240941st January 192519th April 1926
Charles HenryLeading SignalmanJ4231622nd May 19236th January 1926
Charles HenryLeading SignalmanJ42316 or J12316about 1923about 1924
Arthur GeorgeLeading SignalmanJ198121. 1st April 1920
2. 7th January 1926
1. 7th April 1921
2. 27th August 1928
Percy AlbertLeading SignalmanJ497881st May 192916th May 1929
AndreLeading SignalmanP/JX 225927Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
H.E.Leading SignalmanUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
ThomasLeading Signalman2327115th May 192330th August 1925
George BenjaminLeading SignalmanJ9373728th August 192820th April 1929
Richard BartholomewLeading SignalmanJ9343128th August 192816th May 1931
W.H.Leading SignalmanUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
David William CampbellLeading SignalmanJ9093728th August 19285th April 1929
Mark FulfordLeading SignalmanJ300967th January 192624th August 1928
SamuelLeading SignalmanJ41031st April 19202nd October 1921
Albert GeorgeLeading SignalmanJ1762318th May 19315th May 1933
Frederick GeorgeLeading SignalmanJ3433028th August 193131st December 1931
George William CharlesLeading SignalmanJ5326512th May 193130th August 1933
RonaldLeading SignalmanJ696541st September 192816th May 1929
Claude Albert CharlesLeading SignalmanJ7348510th March 193130th August 1933
S.T.Leading SignalmanUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
William HenryLeading SignalmanJ7396612th January 193410th August 1936
DickLeading SignalmanJ67751st April 192014th May 1923
William RobertLeading SignalmanJ258537th January 192627th August 1928
Harold ForcerLeading SignalmanJ116691. 26th November 1921
2. 1st January 1925
1. 14th May 1923
2. 2nd January 1925