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This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

140 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Telegraphist

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
William Leslie GoldingTelegraphistJ10543031st August 19339th June 1935
John James SteeleTelegraphistJ947808th March 192114th May 1923
J.G.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
John GeorgeTelegraphistJ5310215th May 19236th January 1926
G.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
GeorgeTelegraphistJ4597415th May 19238th May 1925
FrancisTelegraphistJ692861st January 192512th November 1926
David AlfredTelegraphistJ10064812th May 193122nd April 1932
Frederick Sleigh RobertsTelegraphistJ6925328th August 192816th May 1929
Arthur ThomasTelegraphistP/SSX 33040Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
A.H.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Donald ArthurTelegraphistP/SSX 29952Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
William HenryTelegraphistJ7951015th May 192323rd November 1923
James HenryTelegraphistJ8643310th May 193230th August 1933
FrederickTelegraphistJ10113711th April 192230th December 1925
Alexander DonaldTelegraphistJ11320120th April 192727th August 1928
Cecil GeorgeTelegraphistJ10581528th August 192816th June 1929
Daniel FrancisTelegraphistJ1065856th October 193420th February 1936
GeorgeTelegraphistJ10157912th August 19226th January 1926
Herbert IsaacTelegraphistJ6519223rd February 192113th June 1922
Tom HaleyTelegraphistJ6988815th May 19237th May 1925
Joseph OswaldTelegraphistJX8129028th August 192825th January 1929
John FrancisTelegraphistJ963161st June 192114th May 1923
GeorgeTelegraphistJ10680716th May 193125th April 1932
George FrederickTelegraphistJ9450031st August 19334th September 1934
JohnTelegraphistJ10619124th November 192327th April 1925
HenryTelegraphistJ10537028th August 192816th May 1929
Cyril MackenzieTelegraphistJ903456th October 192012th June 1922
Albert ThomasTelegraphistJ14227610th September 193631st December 1937
WilliamTelegraphistJ5244128th August 192816th May 1929
SidneyTelegraphistJ965432nd June 192114th May 1923
Geoffrey AnnisTelegraphistJ933887th January 19262nd January 1928
AlbertTelegraphistPSSX 2383619391940
Arthur LewisTelegraphistJ865517th January 192627th August 1928
John HerbertTelegraphistJ10805324th January 192528th August 1927
Frank AlfredTelegraphistP/JX 151516Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
MorganTelegraphistJ11221721st April 192627th August 1928
Marcus ThomasTelegraphistJ10562528th August 192816th May 1929
Albert William Percy HenryTelegraphistJ863911st April 19207th April 1921
Edward GeorgeTelegraphistJ6098613th January 19269th July 1926
Edward WilliamTelegraphistJ11521831st August 193316th November 1935
William CecilTelegraphistJ10110728th August 19286th March 1929
Basil RoyTelegraphistJ11322214th January 192727th August 1928
Arthur JohnTelegraphistJ10134328th August 192816th May 1929
John WilliamTelegraphistJ5035928th August 192816th May 1929
Henry GeorgeTelegraphistJ9163628th August 19285th April 1929
Percy ErnestTelegraphistJ9992512th January 192214th May 1923
LeonardTelegraphistJ11385531st August 19334th May 1934
Cecil ErnestTelegraphistJ939536th October 192014th May 1923
Clifton RaymondTelegraphistJ10688228th August 192816th May 1929
Frederick VictorTelegraphistJ11175716th March 19312nd September 1931
Frank ThomasTelegraphistJ10802824th January 192529th April 1927
Francis DavidTelegraphistJ800341st July 193131st December 1931
Reginald StanleyTelegraphistJ7471421. 2nd June 1939
2. 11th August 1940
1. 3rd March 1940
2. 3rd October 1940
Angus CampbellTelegraphistJ5416415th May 19236th January 1926
Rowland JohnTelegraphistJ1121791. 21st April 1926
2. 4th August 1928
1. 4th June 1928
2. 27th August 1928
Sam DouglasTelegraphistJ856467th January 192627th August 1928
George ArthurTelegraphist202717215th May 19237th May 1925
W.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
George PercivalTelegraphistJ.10641024th November 192327th April 1925
George PercivalTelegraphistJ106410UnknownUnknown
Edward JohnTelegraphistJ502181st April 192026th August 1921
JosephTelegraphistJ10818114th January 19252nd May 1926
Edwin LongTelegraphistJ8693823rd February 192113th June 1922
Arthur GlynTelegraphistPSSX 1571219361937
EllisTelegraphistJ10616924th November 19236th January 1926
Abert VictorTelegraphistJ10643724th November 19236th January 1926
Gerald RedversTelegraphistJ11234521st April 192627th August 1928
Walter OliverTelegraphistJ10609024th November 19236th January 1926
Arthur CharlesTelegraphistJ673148th September 193615th May 1938
John RobertTelegraphistJ589507th January 192627th August 1928
Frederick JackTelegraphistJ491787th January 192627th May 1928
Walter JamesTelegraphistJ11481910th March 19314th November 1931
J.E.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
David OllinsworthTelegraphistJ965082nd June 192114th May 1923
Walter GeorgeTelegraphistP/JX 160683Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Walter JamesTelegraphistJ7220928th August 192820th April 1929
FrankTelegraphistJ10059512th August 19227th May 1925
Thomas HenryTelegraphistJ8724731st August 193320th February 1936
W.A.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
ThomasTelegraphistJ2281130th August 192816th May 1929
GeorgeTelegraphistP/SSX 24519May 194024th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Charles EdwardTelegraphistJ5712423rd February 192114th May 1923
JamesTelegraphistJ1109773rd September 193122nd April 1932
George ErnestTelegraphistJ932261st April 19207th April 1921
ThomasTelegraphistJ566522nd January 192622nd August 1928
John DownieTelegraphistJ10167412th August 19227th May 1925
ArnoldTelegraphistJ2832024th November 192330th December 1925
JohnTelegraphistP/SSX 32362Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Edward Albert TelegraphistJ909291. 24th May 1921
2. 6th July 1928
1. 14th May 1923
2. 30th April 1929
WilliamTelegraphistJ8238923rd February 192114th May 1923
Horace Ernest MeechTelegraphistJ1120648th January 192629th April 1927
HughTelegraphistJ8351328th August 192816th May 1929
Andrew TelegraphistJ1062481st July 192830th April 1929
Edwin CharlesTelegraphistJ996691. 12th January 1922
2. 7th January 1926
1. 14th May 1923
2. 27th August 1928
HarryTelegraphistJ1119768th January 192628th August 1927
SydneyTelegraphistJ10613924th November 19236th January 1926
Thomas ArthurTelegraphistJ520901. 5th March 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 14th May 1923
William CharlesTelegraphistJ790591st April 192022nd February 1921
HarryTelegraphistJ10624124th November 19237th May 1925
Donald CecilTelegraphistJ1000668th September 193130th August 1933
AlexanderTelegraphistJ10525528th August 192816th May 1929
James LawsonTelegraphistJ1065907th January 192610th September 1926
GeorgeTelegraphistJ10815024th January 19252nd May 1926
Frank WilliamTelegraphistJ10102826th August 193230th August 1933
HectorTelegraphistJ8642813th January 19269th July 1926
Charles HenryTelegraphistJ413891. 14th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 31st August 1921
WilfredTelegraphistJ11307714th January 192727th August 1928
Frank WilliamTelegraphistJ10961610th July 19252nd May 1926
Albert LeonardTelegraphistJ9485024th May 192114th May 1923
Douglas WilliamTelegraphistJX 1416332nd August 193529th August 1938
Sidney GeorgeTelegraphistJ551731st October 192113th June 1922
Frederick AlfredTelegraphistJ9772015th May 19236th January 1926
Ernest TrelawneyTelegraphistJ8220615th May 19236th January 1926
E.F.TelegraphistUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
William BenjaminTelegraphistJ7945010th March 193114th March 1932
Charles AlbertTelegraphistJ8250910th March 19316th May 1932
Percy HerbertTelegraphistF5518514th January 192727th August 1928
Charles ArthurTelegraphistP/JX 156606Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
John BarkerTelegraphistJ6987224th May 192114th May 1923
Alfred John SelwynTelegraphistJ10606924th November 192312th September 1925
Gordon VincentTelegraphistP/JX 162226Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
James CrosbieTelegraphistJX/156134June 1939December 1940
Jack CharlesTelegraphistC/JX 144417Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Raymond Alfred Francis StanleyTelegraphistJ1012485th September 193420th February 1936
William Frederick FrancisTelegraphistJ1148521st July 193131st December 1931
Herbert HarryTelegraphistJ492641. 24th February 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 13th June 1922
Henry ThomasTelegraphistJ814721st April 192022nd February 1921
Arthur HenryTelegraphistJ8935028th August 192820th April 1929
Leonard BertieTelegraphistJ6070528th August 192820th April 1929
Peter HenryTelegraphistJ10130212th August 19227th May 1925
Horace HenryTelegraphistJ8059931st August 192114th May 1923
JamesTelegraphistJ10599024th November 192312th September 1925
HoraceTelegraphistJ1099188th January 192627th August 1928
ErnestTelegraphistJ963951st June 192114th May 1923
James ReginaldTelegraphistJ434237th January 192627th August 1928
Henry GeorgeTelegraphistJ622531. 5th March 1920
2. 1st April 1920
1. 31st March 1920
2. 6th January 1922
Christopher FrankTelegraphistJ9855631st August 193316th December 1933
Wilfred LawsonTelegraphistJ690551st April 192013th June 1922