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This part of the site offers a searchable database of the H.M.S. Roll of Honour who match particular criteria such as rank / rating, age, home town etc.

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Ranks / rates are the highest known for each man during his time serving in Hood.

54 men are known to have served in Hood and reached the rank of Yeoman of Signals

SurnameForenamesRank / RatingService No.FromTo
John HenryYeoman of SignalsJ1038931st August 19334th September 1934
Arthur ReginaldYeoman of SignalsP/J 543531. 31st August 1933
2. 11th August 1940
1. 3rd March 1940
2. 24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
PercyYeoman of SignalsJ2115816th March 193130th August 1933
Joseph EdwardYeoman of SignalsJ2326128th August 19285th April 1929
Richard JohnYeoman of Signals2233271st April 19202nd January 1921
William James CharlesYeoman of SignalsJ2126431st August 193311th January 1935
Bernard HughYeoman of Signals2272501st April 19207th April 1921
William DennisYeoman of SignalsP/J 1002641. 10th January 1940
2. 1th August 1940
1. rd March 1940
2. 24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Wilfred EdwardYeoman of SignalsJ5467630th August 193510th August 1936
Harold WilliamYeoman of SignalsJ330719th September 192113th May 1923
WalterYeoman of SignalsJ87461. 10th June 1922
2. 13th April 1927
1. 30th May 1923
2. 12th December 1928
Cliffird James RichardYeoman of SignalsJ3334131st August 19334th May 1934
Joseph WilliamYeoman of SignalsJ1908931st August 19339th May 1937
FrederickYeoman of SignalsJ123125th August 192516th May 1929
Frederick HenryYeoman of SignalsJ225186th June 193130th August 1933
Percy JamesYeoman of SignalsJ103448th July 193330th August 1933
Claud AlgernonYeoman of SignalsJ130481. 15th May 1923
2. 24th November 1928
1. 6th January 1926
2. 1st January 1929
JohnYeoman of Signals2215771st April 192023rd July 1920
Henry MayYeoman of Signals21317122nd November 192121st June 1922
Harold RichardYeoman of SignalsJ417130th August 19287th April 1931
William Joseph HillYeoman of Signals23678915th May 192316th April 1926
Frederick BenjaminYeoman of SignalsJ271612th May 193126th August 1932
Robert JamesYeoman of Signals22623124th May 192326th November 1923
Norman Edward Donald "NED" Yeoman of SignalsP/JX137167Mid 1930sBefore loss of ship
J.F.Yeoman of SignalsUnknownBefore 27th November 1923 (Empire Cruise)After 28th September 1924 (Empire Cruise)
Maurice JosephYeoman of SignalsJ186528th August 192820th April 1929
William CharlesYeoman of Signals2230051st January 192214th May 1923
George CalebYeoman of SignalsP/JX 135560Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
DavidYeoman of SignalsJ249247th September 193624th May 1937
Alfred WilliamYeoman of SignalsFX 88202128th March 19361st June 1939
Ernest JohnYeoman of Signals23914417th April 192614th August 1928
Charles HenryYeoman of Signals2142821st April 192120th April 1923
HenryYeoman of Signals21317122nd November 192021st June 1922
George AlbertYeoman of Signals23826522nd June 19226th January 1926
William John ElliottYeoman of SignalsJ690205th September 193420th February 1936
Alfred GeorgeYeoman of Signals22193221st February 193624th March 1938
WilliamYeoman of SignalsJX1289281. 1933
2. 1936
1. 1934
2. 1939
Arthur LeslieYeoman of SignalsP/J 657372nd June 193924th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Michael JohnYeoman of Signals23884628th August 192816th May 1929
Robert GeorgeYeoman of SignalsP/JX 140176Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
Henry CarlyleYeoman of SignalsJ344630th April 192724th August 1928
Charles ValentineYeoman of SignalsP/JX 142381Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)
PryceYeoman of Signals22642124th November 192310th May 1927
William JohnYeoman of SignalsJ3855012th January 193517th January 1936
James AlfredYeoman of SignalsJ4077425th May 19377th December 1938
George FrederickYeoman of SignalsJ2648227th August 193230th August 1933
Herbert James YatesYeoman of SignalsJ257123rd April 192727th August 1928
Charles HenryYeoman of Signals2241937th January 19223rd January 1926
GeorgeYeoman of SignalsUnknownabout 1939about 1940
Arthur StewartYeoman of Signals22613521st July 19205th December 1921
EdgarYeoman of Signals2139811st April 192014th May 1923
Arthur JamesYeoman of SignalsJ11251925th May 194010th August 1940
Leslie EdwardYeoman of SignalsJ8055927th February 19378th January 1939
GeorgeYeoman of SignalsP/JX 132002Unknown24th May 1941 (loss of ship)