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In Remembrance of
Henry James Wannerton

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Date of birth: 27th July 1903
Place of birth: Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Parents: Ellen Wannerton
Wife: Ivy Wannerton
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Leading Stoker
Service Number: P/K 63327
Joined Hood First time: 15th April 1920 (Boy 1st Class)
Left Hood First time: 13th June 1922 (Ordinary Seaman)
Joined Hood Second time: 8th September 1936 (Leading Stoker)
Left Hood Second time: 24th May 1941 (loss of ship) (Leading Stoker)
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Biographical Information:

Henry was born 27th July 1903 to Ellen and Alfred Wannerton, an agricultural carter, in Sudbury, Suffolk. He later lived in Brill, Buckinghamshire.

Henry joined the Royal Navy in 1918. He was sent to H.M.S.Ganges to train as a boy Seaman, and was later assigned to the newly commissioned H.M.S.Hood. Following the reduction of the Fleet between the two World Wars, he left the Navy. He could not find work, so he rejoined the Navy as a Stoker. In 1929 he met and married Ivy Poate, and his Best Man was P.O.Stoker Pritchard. At this time he was serving aboard H.M.S.Curacoa. At the first opportunity, he rejoined H.M.S. Hood, as it was a happy ship.

Henry was the Captain of the Dart's Team. Another of his good mates on board was Stoker "Mickey" Glenn who was a good artist. The three of them (Pritchard, Glenn and Wannerton) were always together, especially on run ashores. He was recommended for Petty Officer, and was possibly serving as an Acting Petty Officer when he lost his life on 24th May 1941.

Henry was the father of four children, Sheila, Shirley, Stella and Henry, the youngest one, Harry being only 16 months when his Father died. His widow never remarried, saying that if you had a good husband, you could not replace him. Henry was 37 years old at the time of his loss.

History of ships served in and rate held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
26th November 191827th June 1919GangesBoy 2nd ClassADM188/834
28th June 19198th July 1919GangesBoy 1st ClassADM188/834
9th July 19192nd September 1919Victory IBoy 1st ClassADM188/834
3rd September 191929th February 1920[Illegible]Boy 1st ClassADM188/834
1st March 192014th April 1920Vivid IBoy 1st ClassADM188/834
15th April 192026th July 1921HoodBoy 1st ClassADM188/834
27th July 192113th June 1922HoodOrdinary SeamanADM188/834
14th June 192215th June 1922Vivid IOrdinary SeamanADM188/834
16th June 19224th August 1922Pembroke IOrdinary SeamanADM188/834
11th January 192419th August 1924Victory IIStoker 2nd ClassADM188/987
20th August 19245th September 1924Victory IIStoker 1st ClassADM188/987
6th September 192410th September 1928CoventryStoker 1st ClassADM188/987
11th September 192811th September 1928CoventryActing Leading StokerADM188/987
12th September 19285th January 1929Victory IIActing Leading StokerADM188/987
6th January 192929th April 1929FisgardActing Leading StokerADM188/987
30th April 192910th July 1929Victory 2-4Acting Leading StokerADM363/216
11th July 19293rd September 1929Pembroke 2-4 (Curacoa)Acting Leading StokerADM363/216
4th September 192910th September 1929CuracoaActing Leading StokerADM363/216
11th September 192915th March 1932CuracoaLeading StokerADM363/216
16th March 193220th May 1932Victory 2Leading StokerADM363/216
21st May 193213th October 1932RepulseLeading StokerADM363/216
14th October 19329th April 1933Victory 2Leading StokerADM363/216
10th April 193316th April 1934Boscowen (Pangbourne)Leading StokerADM363/216
17th April 193430th April 1934Victory 2Leading StokerADM363/216
1st May 19342nd May 1935Boscowen (Halcyon)Leading StokerADM363/216
3rd May 19357th June 1935Victory 2Leading StokerADM363/216
8th June 193516th December 1935VernonLeading StokerADM363/216
17th December 19357th September 1936Vernon (Winchester)Leading StokerADM363/216
8th September 193624th May 1941HoodLeading StokerADM363/216

Additional Photos

Henry and Ivy on their wedding day on 06 September 1929

Hood Chapel, Church of St. John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Southsea, Hampshire, England

Photos of the memorial

The part of the memorial in which the Hood casualty names can be found.
(Panels 45 to 61)

Henry's name is in Column 3 of Panel 54.

Detail of Henry's name.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
His son, Henry Wannerton (photos & information, 2001 & 2005)