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It is estimated that as many as 18,000 men served aboard the 'Mighty Hood' during the operational portion of her 21 year career. Unfortunately, there is no surviving official single listing of ALL men who served in her. Here you will find our attempt at creating such a listing. We are using the few, fragmentary crew lists known to exist, Navy Lists, various official reports, public records, and most importantly of all, inputs from the families of former crew.

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Frederick Charles Brazill

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Date of birth: 3rd July 1884
Place of birth: Greenwich, Kent, England
Parents: Frederick and Ceclia Brazill
Wife: Emma Maynard (abt. 1909 to 1921), Sarah Wond (1921 - unknown), Amelia Hunt (unknown to his death in 1959)
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Master at Arms
Service Number: 208472
Joined Hood: 6th June 1921 (Master at Arms)
Left Hood: 14th May 1923 (Master at Arms)

Biographical Information:

Frederick was born on 3rd July, 1884 at Greenwich to parents Frederick - a painter and decorator - and Cecilia. The family lived initially in Broad Street, later moving to King George Street. Frederick had two older brothers - William and Walter.

Frederick was married three times: firstly in about 1909 to Emma Maynard. When she died in 1921, he remarried to Sarah Wond. At the time of his death he is recorded as being married to Amelia Hunt.

His naval service took him to the west country and the 1911 census shows he living in Station Road, Devonport with his them wife Emma and a stepdaughter - presumably from Emma's previous marriage. By the time of his death, on 5th April, 1959 Frederick was living in Colchester.

Entering the Royal Navy as a Boy in February 1900, Frederick served for 24 years until his retirement in September 1924. Having progressed as far as Leading Seaman by 1907 he chose, in 1911, to transfer to the Regulating Branch serving as a Ship's Corporal 2nd and 1st Class until his advancement in February 1918 to Master at Arms. Frederick's war time service included action in the cruiser H.M.S. Carnarvon at the Battle of the Falklands in December 1914.

Frederick served in Hood from June 1921 to May 1923. This would, no doubt, have been an interesting period in the ship for a Master at Arms given the reputation as strict disciplinarians held by Rear Admiral Walter Cowan and Hood's captain, Geoffrey Mackworth. As well as the usual time spent in Scottish waters and the Mediterranean spring cruises, the period August to November 1922 saw Hood undertake an extensive cruise to Brazil for their centenary celebrations. The outbound leg of the voyage included the usual Crossing the Line Ceremony at which Frederick played the role of one of two attendants at the Court of King Neptune. The homeward leg included visits to the West Indies.

The final 12 months of Frederick's service were spent at H.M.S. Britannia which no doubt afforded the opportunity to regale the cadets with tales of a long naval career.

History of ships served in and rate held:

Date FromDate toShipRatingSource
9th February 190010th November 1900BoscowenBoy 2nd ClassADM188/363
11th November 19006th March 1901BoscowenBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
30th January 190116th December 1901Vivid IBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
7th March 19019th July 1901MinotaurBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
10th July 190119th September 1901AgincourtBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
20th September 190129th January 1901CollingwoodBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
17th December 19012nd July 1902RainbowBoy 1st ClassADM188/363
3rd July 19022nd November 1903RainbowOrdinary SeamanADM188/363
3rd November 19032nd March 1904DonegalOrdinary SeamanADM188/363
3rd March 190410th May 1904DonegalAble SeamanADM188/363
11th May 19041st October 1904DefianceAble SeamanADM188/363
2nd October 19048th November 1904Vivid IAble SeamanADM188/363
9th November 190429th December 1904LeanderAble SeamanADM188/363
30th December 190423rd February 1905Vivid IAble SeamanADM188/363
24th February 190518th March 1905VulcanAble SeamanADM188/363
19th March 190531st March 1905EgmontAble SeamanADM188/363
1st April 190515th February 1907VulcanAble SeamanADM188/363
16th February 190727th February 1907GladiatorAble SeamanADM188/363
28th February 190715th October 1907Vivid ILeading SeamanADM188/363
16th October 190731st October 1907HannibalLeading SeamanADM188/363
1st November 190725th January 1908DefianceLeading SeamanADM188/363
26th January 190818th May 1908Vivid ILeading SeamanADM188/363
19th May 190820th May 1908Sapphire IILeading SeamanADM188/363
21st May 19086th November 1908Vivid ILeading SeamanADM188/363
7th November 190818th January 1909IsisLeading SeamanADM188/363
19th January 19099th March 1909LeanderLeading SeamanADM188/363
10th March 19094th May 1909VividLeading SeamanADM188/363
5th May 190916th May 1910DonegalLeading SeamanADM188/363
17th May 191012th August 1910Vivid ILeading SeamanADM188/363
13th August 191031st March 1911LeanderLeading SeamanADM188/363
1st April 19116th April 1911LenderShip's Corporal 2nd ClassADM188/363
7th April 191115th May 1911Vivid IIShip's Corporal 2nd ClassADM188/363
16th May 191127th February 1912TemeraireShip's Corporal 2nd ClassADM188/363
28th February 191229th September 1913TemeraireShip's Corporal 1st ClassADM188/363
30th September 191331st July 1914DefianceShip's Corporal 1st ClassADM188/363
1st August 191425th May 1917CarnarvonShip's Corporal 1st ClassADM188/363
26th May 191727th February 1918NiobeShip's Corporal 1st ClassADM188/363
28th February 191828th May 1919NiobeMaster at ArmsADM188/363
29th May 191930th June 1919Vivid IMaster at ArmsADM188/363
1st July 19195th June 1921Vivid IIIMaster at ArmsADM188/363
6th June 192114th May 1923HoodMaster at ArmsADM188/363
15th May 192317th May 1923Vivid IIMaster at ArmsADM188/363
18th May 19233rd April 1924BritanniaMaster at ArmsADM188/363
4th April 192424th April 1924Vivid IIMaster at ArmsADM188/363

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King Neptune's Court for the Crossing of the Line Ceremony includes Frederick's name as an "Assistant".

No known memorials

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ, 2009)
Service Record: ADM188/363 (The National Archives)
Baptism Record, Census 1891, Registers of Birth and marriage, and Probate records (Ancestry)